Another milestone for Geomembrane lines by KUHNE

KUHNE Group Smart Sheets is announcing the successful production start up of yet another highlight from the continuously growing list of geomembrane extrusion lines. At one of the worldwide leading producers of those sealing / isolation films,  KUHNE coextrusion line has been started in the heart of Europe.

Two extruders supply more than 3,5tons per hour PE, well spread on an overall width of 8.000mm. A die of the same width with automatic profile adjustment guarantees tolerances of below 1,5%. That is how the final net width of 7.500mm is achieved. This extremely low tolerance alone saves raw material costs in a six-digit €uro range  – compared with a standard competitor line – as each gramm above the required final thickness is to be paid by the producer. Geomembrane films produced with blown film technology have even far higher thickness deviations.


Beside savings regarding raw material, electrical costs of much more than 10.000€ per year can be economised. This is possible with the so called „maku-Die Tool“, a device used instead of the usual thermo-bolt control. The latter has to control up to 300 different thermobolts – depending on final width. In addition to that, the „maku-Die tool“ controls the adjustment bar by means of stored product recipes.

Even more similar major projects are pending at KUHNE Group Smart Sheets. They shall be realized in late 2017 and 2018.