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Contact KUHNE Group Einsteinstraße 20 D-53757 Sankt Augustin T +49 (0) 2241 902 0
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85 years of experience in mechanical engineering of turn key lines. KUHNE Group is one of the leading European machine builders for film and sheet production. The barrier master Learn…
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Save the date and start to plan your visit on our booth at the K show 2022. We are combining art with extrusion and will show one more time that plastic is better than its reputation
KUHNE & Berry RPC Netherlands present a barrier PP film production for coffee capsules.
Extrusion PP, PS & PET for thermoformed articles
Products Complete, turn-key lines or "just" an extruder, a screw, a die, a roll stack or a blown film head: All these crucial components are developed and produced in-house by us - and have been…
Corporate philosophy We..... ... advise technically well and always in the sense of the customer ... see our customers and employees as partners ... maintain fair dealings with employees,…
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From one source! Over 85 years experience The extruder development of KUHNE GmbH goes far back to the year 1949. Out of the disorders from the second world war, resulted the first approach to…
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